Breakfast + Brunch recipe for a Hearty Dinner

What’s for dinner?

hmm…A combination of breakfast+brunch recipe for tonight’s dinner.

First served with the starter: Tomato soup with brown crusted bread:

Which started with a base of roasted tomatoes in olive oil:

Followed by mushroom-asparagus fritata:

and ended with a longan ice as the dessert (pre-prepared by sis though =) ):

Phew…pulled it off quite well tonight…I shall document these recipes! =)


Blessed weekend =)

CNY for 2011 just simply drifted by…so fast….I have yet to really get enough of it…yeah…how can one be ENOUGH of happy times…one week at home and finally back to my little den on tuesday. It was not a really good way to start the new bunny year. On my way back my heart was heavy and so was my tummy. I was feeling nauseated all the way thru the 6 hours journey. My brother in law commented my face was white in color (pale looking). But anyhow I find my way up to my rented room. Deliberately forget about unpacking and tried to get some rest.  Waking up every 40 minutes interval trying to throw up…but just couldn’t. Until it was three in the morning and I finally felt a storm in my stomach. I was so weak after my first visit to mr toilet bowl. Suddenly i felt my ears were both blocked and objects in the toilet seemed to spin  around my radius…I almost blacked out. The great news is…there is no one at home at all on that night! I only manage to cling on my white towel and walked back to my room whimsily, plunge on to my bed to catch some breath…feeling cold sweats on my forehead and my body energy went flat. Thank God I manage to pull thru and regained some strength to gulp mouthful of water. Could not imagine how things would be if I really fainted and the house will be empty until my landlord returning home on Sunday. hhmmpphh…such a night. Had a day of MC and plenty of rest…and thought I’ll be just fine for work the next way. My brother in law picked me up to his house and my sis made me porridge. While she was cooking in the kitchen and me in the living room watching korean series, my body starts to shiver…body temperature took a sudden plunge, lose my appetite and the fever came back. BAD.

I am indeed blessed that my brother in law offered to take me to consult a doctor and both my sis and bro in law letting me stay at their place for the entire week. They would never understand how much it meant to me by just being there while i was sicky…Thank you so much for taking good care of me all these while…again =).

Even the weekend passed in a blink…and monday blues actually start right now.. on Sunday night! I keep telling myself that i needa rest early so that I can feel total refreshed for work tomorrow…believe me…it’s not easy. However, I am happy that I have something to look forward to this weekend…my family (or part of it) is coming to Singapore! great! i can’t wait really…anyways…gotta get my stuff ready for tomorrow!

Oyasumi nasai =)


HE has made everything beautiful in its time (Ecc 3:11)

He has made everything beautiful in its time Ecc 3:11. This is one of the verses I have been pondering for some time. And it so happens that this appears again in the very first line in Uncle Richard’s Nov update in the church bulletin today. Is this a coincidence? Well I believe, again, God has made everything beautiful in his time, at His very right time.

Remembering when Kian Aun and other members in church start “trapping” me into ministries and how persistent they kept asking me to attend certain meetings as well as coaxing me into taking small roles, bit by bit.  Not forgetting the ever so supportive soul mate, friend and lover, Ricky. And before I knew it, I already get involved in so many of them…youth, Sunday school, young working adults, children ministries and special events. I was open to take up roles but there were times I complained…for having approached for tasks…the pressures that followed, well not so much from those that gave me jobs but I figured out it was just me…

The Young Working Adults the cluster that I love most. Ricky and I somehow committed ourselves to make it a point to attend the meetings every Monday evening. Of course there were some misses too =). Very soon after that our dear Dr. Yeoh “put me on the table” filling in my name as a small group leader. I wouldn’t lie that I was all confident for that role. I was always questioning if I have already known the bible well or will I be able to lead my fellow group mates into good discussions and will I be committed enough to prepare the lessons well. Well, God again has lined up all things beautifully in His time. It was not that my level of biblical knowledge suddenly bloomed nor my courage to lead was perfected. It was the people, the members of YWA who had been so supportive, praying and upholding me all thru those days. A big thank you and a big hug to all of them.

Youths…I could only identify FEAR. Fear of not knowing how to communicate with the younger ones, fear that I could not set a good example to them, fear of not knowing the right way to lead them and fear of being unacknowledged. There was just so much fear in me that I couldn’t open up myself to accept things then and I chose to ignore and avoid. Weird but true enough, I started to miss them already even before I leave for down south at this moment. Thanx to the opportunities to take part in the Sunday School as a small group leader, a Care Group facilitator and the coordinator for the upcoming Children’s Camp. I can feel good rapport started to build up from these few activities and I am thankful that I have Kian Aun, Wan Li, Uncle William, Ricky and others who believed in me and prayed for me.

God will make a way, where there seems to be no way.

He works in way we cannot see, He will make a way for me.

He will be my guide, hold me closely to his side.

With love and strength for each new day,

He will make a way, He will make a way.

Lyrics by Don Moen.


I am thankful for this year. As I am leaving for a new chapter in life, there were farewells organised by friends and family. There were people who came near and gave me warm hugs, best wishes, prayers and blessings. These small gestures just simply warmed my heart. What a great way He has chosen to remind me, no matter how little I gave it counts. No matter how small I am, I made a difference. Without this decision to leave, how would I know He loves me this much and sent all these angels to guide and uphold me all these days.

This year around I made a lot of decisions…some are foolish ones, some I would gladly be proud of. Although year end is 32 days too early but this is my way of biding 2010 farewell. How about you?

This is my message.


Apple Custard Tart

Apple custard tart last saturday…creamy custard filling in between the cinnamon apple slices…a new touch to the ordinary apple pie… =)

Custard Apple Pie cooling in the tart tin

A slice of a warm tart dusted with icing sugar…perfect with a scoop of vanilla ice cream =)


Ma French Macaroons

Gosh…I am just so very proud of this little cuties! This is my second attempt making french macaroons since my first failure at least half a year ago…emmm…failure as in there weren’t any “legs” on my macaroons! ish…but this time around the outcome is simply gorgeous =)

After piping them onto the parchment paper

Piping hot in the oven…look at those gorgeous legs!

With and without chocolate ganache filling

Lining up my macaroons…these simply spell Y.U.M.M.Y !

Script copied from liyens.


All the way from Japan =) Ohaiyo

These are my share for his trip to the east…Kawaii Japan!

Tokyo Banana – they look and taste like twiggies with veru rich banana cream filling. Nice!

Shiroi koibito = White lover…a must taste from japan…

Japanese famous rice crackers

My FAVOURITE! Japanese plum wine (Umeshu) and duty free Vodka Apeach! =)

Thanx my man for all these…*huhu*

Oh…just last weekend had a shopping spree with my bday special promo coupon at Vincci… pairs of shoes and a bag for me, sis, mum and aunt… =D

Whole loads of shoes =)



Erm…I don’t usually cook up savoury food but yeah…time to do more exploration..a little at a time though =).

Had a bun-making lesson with my sis, Munyee. Thanx load to my sis, she actually brought over all the necessary stuff to my place to teach me…oh well…haha =)

just 2 variety this time…red bean and meat floss…my favourite!

Red Bean Buns in various shapes

Meat Floss Bun

Flossy meat inside the bun…

Should have stuff more flossy meat inside the bun. will have another try! =)

More savoury stuff?

Pan fried potato croquette using left over roasted potatoes…just chuck your left over roasted potato into the fridge if you couln’t finish them. Mash them up, add in roasted chicken meat (chopped) or bacon pieces, add in chopped herbs and onions (optional), an egg, mould them into small patties and keep in the fridge for a bit. take them out, dip in simply whisked egg, coat with breadcrumbs and pan fry them. Eat them with mayonaise, chilli sauce, brown sauce or barbeque sauce. tadaa… :

Potato croquette with dill mayonaise

More??? =P

Shepherd’s pie specially prepared by cousin sis, Carmen for a family gathering =)

Shepherd’s pie